Our HOLLER Program

The CEO Clarise D Hicks of Psalms In Service, LLC., spearheaded the HOLLER Program after her 10 year old daughter experienced bullying from some of her elementary school peers. Due to the bullying, she experienced during her youth as well as when her older children were subjected to it, she became inspired to take action by creating the H.O.L.L.E.R. program. After a long process of bringing her concerns about bullying to the school system while her older children were in school, she became discouraged due to a lack of support available and began to give up. A few years after her son (her oldest child) had started high school. January 20, 2010, there was a little boy named Ernest Cabell who was 11 years old that attended the same middle school like the one her son previously attended. He was bullied by his peers and when he retaliated he ended up being suspended. Ernest went home and took his own life by hanging himself. Clarise's father attended the same middle school when he was younger and experienced bullying there also. As a result of a child not speaking up and feeling they have options, lives are being lost as well as individuals suffering from mental and emotional distress. Unfortunately, bullying is resulting in a rise in suicides at an early age. Once her youngest child had experienced bullying she quickly addressed the school with her concern. After a brief meeting with the staff at her school, she was inspired to create a program that would offer support for students, staff & parents in hopes to bring about bully prevention and methods that can be taken through the entertainment services that Psalms In Service, LLC. offers.

Our Mission is to create positive experiences for our youth, through innovative activities that focus on the development of good character, effective communication skills & leadership building. The objective of “HOLLER” is to equip students to defuse any possible bullying situation among peers that could escalate to a future of negative consequences for all involved. We focus on increasing the students’ awareness of how to respond in these situations as well as increase their self-confidence by introducing more effective modes of communication with their peers and promote self-expression as it pertains to this topic. In addition to training the student body in this empowering languaging, this program includes a performance art segment that is based on therapeutic practices that serve as an opportunity for students to engage in human movement to expend energy which may prove in forming advantageous relational connections while encouraging overall mental health, decreasing stress levels and promoting things like cooperation and creative expression. It is in this atmosphere that all students are encouraged to connect as a team focused on the sole purpose of eliminating a climate of victimization and hostility in our schools.

The impact of children being bullied can be devastating and far-reaching. According to the Center for Disease Control, “students who experience bullying are at increased risk for poor school adjustment, sleep difficulties, anxiety, and depression.[ And] students who are both targets of bullying and engage in bullying behavior are at greater risk for both mental health and behavior problems than students who only bully or are only bullied” (CDC, 2017). Peer bullying and victimization is a hindrance to the goals of teachers and the entire educational system on so many levels. “Due to the humiliation and fear that victims experience, they often have difficulty concentrating, which lowers their scholastic achievement” (P. J. LAZARUS, PHD, NCSP, W. PFOHL, PSYD, NCSP, 2010. Bullying prevention and intervention: information for educators. NASP, S4H8).

Psalms In Service, LLC, would like the opportunity to introduce “HOLLER”, which may be implemented as one component in the school administration’s strategy to prevent in-school bullying.


Let us continue to celebrate 


We at Psalms In Service, LLC, desire to keep Ernest's legacy alive by bringing awareness through our bully prevention program Holler in hopes to provoke change one community at a time.