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Inspiration For the Holiday

The Present Is A Present!

Hosting For the Holiday

 Clarise Hicks

November 11, 2019  

             This year during the holiday season while some are shopping for loved ones, planning the yearly family gathering or even a family vacation there are also many that are dreading this time of the year. Whether it be a loss of a loved one, overdue bills or just wanting to hurry up and file tax returns for money to invest in something meaningful. We can all agree once the holidays are over summer will be just around the corner. As we find ourselves rushing to get to or through the holiday season take time to be present in this very moment.


           I once heard Steve Harvey speak about life not being about the destination but the journey. As we are waiting on a special moment to approach, remember every breath that we take is a special moment that some didn't get to see. As we take more time reflecting on what to be thankful for, we make ourselves available to beautiful experiences and new memories. Time is one of the most valuable assets we possess and how we use it, is what counts in the long run.

            I have four beautiful children, God blessed me to birth and raise. My older 3 have now become adults and I look back at the pictures of them and wonder where did the time go. There was a time as a single mother I couldn't wait for the day my children would grow up and leave the nest. I remember thinking once they are grown I can change the locks and head south for the winter and send them all a postcard to let them know I loved them and I looked forward to seeing them on the holidays. Of course that was so unrealistic.


          As the holidays come and go I find myself longing for the days when my children were younger and seeing their faces light up when I would make a huge Christmas dinner. Just to see them smile when they unwrapped their Christmas gifts and it was actually something they asked for gave me such joy. As the years went by, the Christmas gift wrap became trash bags so they could clean up behind themselves. 


         During this Holiday season take time and write down things that you are thankful for in this present moment. Store it away and pull it out every holiday for wonderful stories that you can share with your family as a tradition. That is actually something you can pass down from generation to generation. Remember the greatest gift that you can give yourself and those that you love, is great moments from the present.



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